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dear [K],

computer science graduates do not normally make web pages. web designers, usually long-haired drop-outs of schools of arts, do. (well, it may help to offer this analogy: mechanical engineering graduates do not normally work as taxi drivers. though lack of appropriate jobs may force them to do that anyway).

so you want to publish personal pages. what would be the contents? some people include their journals. of course you’re not expected to make regular entries (unless you’re hiding in the sealed-off rooms avoiding the nazis, leaving you with nothing else to do [Earlier, K mentioned Anne Frank's Diary]). it doesn’t take a web designer to publish personal web pages. everyone, including you and i, could do it. of course i’ll be happy to guide you in publishing yours, but i should tell you that i never bother to learn web designer’s tools such as macromedia’s flash. i believe it’s the pages’ contents that matter. moreover, i think one of the sure-fire way to prevent people from visiting your web site is by using flash. normal people just don’t have broadband connection. as for me, upon encountering a flash site i’ll either press the “skip the flash intro” button right away or skip the site altogether (unless it’s really, really worth the wait). i’m not against beauty here, i just prefer finding aesthetic stuffs in national geographics magazines or tv shows instead of web sites. seems like popular sites such as yahoo!, amazon.com, google, etc. share this believe.

surely you don’t want to know what my thesis is about. but i’m thinking of publishing it, along with other works, in the web. ideally, i think, all theses should be made searchable to everybody (and web publishing is the best way), to avoid plagiarism. currently, theses are left inaccessible in the local libraries, while the copies (especially of social studies) are sold in used-books market (don’t know how they get those things). so it’s all too easy to plagiarize a work without being caught.

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