Spiritual Adventurers

dear [K],

due to my spiritual inclination, i have among my collection of books various versions of the bible, the koran, bhagavad gita, kamasutra (considered a sacred text by the hindus), dao de jing, the teachings of buddha, dhammapada, avesta, the imitation of christ, and even the book of mormon (i haven’t read them thoroughly, though, except the bible and kamasutra).
but ironically, my another book of significant spiritual influence was in animal behavior by richard dawkins (he is a biologist, not a psychologist, so i kinda trust him [K is a psychology graduate]). it could be said that the book triggered my conversion into agnosticism in the early college days.

so i consider my being agnostic as neither crisis of faith nor juvenile reaction towards an established system. it’s just achieving another state of spiritual enlightenment.
and, unlike your so-called friends, converting anyone to my system of belief (or disbelief) is not in my agenda. it’s not that i’ll have a somewhat higher place in heaven or in multilevel marketing hierarchy by doing so.

btw the agnostic society you mentioned, i’ve never heard of such. i mean i could imagine that members of mormon society gather to sing and pray and members of vegan society gather to enjoy their salad. but agnostic society? if the sole purpose is matchmaking, i guess it’s rather undignified.

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