lucky \’lə-kē\ adj  1 : having good luck  2 : happening by chance  3 : producing or resulting in good by chance  4 : seeming to bring good luck
Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary

Can you guess which one I am?

What people said about me:

“He has so many secrets unrevealed like…his occupation (pimping and drug dealing?)”
a pen pal in her Friendster testimonial

“He’s like a snake oil salesman”
a colleague, regarding my mobility, in her Friendster testimonial

“Slightly reserved. Encouragement is required in order for him to reveal his opinions.”
an interviewer in his supposedly confidential report

a former student in her Friendster testimonial

“Responsible” and “Having excellent intellectual ability”
a former professor and client in his letter of recommendation

“Incompetent” and “Less educated than his own students”
a former student in her blog

a former schoolmate in his Friendster testimonial

an ex-girlfriend on many occasions

“He has always met his financial obligations in relation to his transactions as a client”
a former stockbroker in her letter of reference

“Very unpredictable!”
another former student in her Friendster testimonial

“Diligent and serious at work”
a colleague in his Friendster testimonial

“An easygoing teacher”
yet another former student in her Friendster testimonial

a former teaching assistant in her Friendster testimonial

Achiever, Analytical, Learner, Deliberative, Relator
Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0

“He’ll grow up to be a person of ample fortune”
a Chinese astrologer in a note given to my parents when I was 6 years old

“I couldn’t see him as capable of being either a shopkeeper or a corrupt government official. I wonder if this kid has any future.”
my late mother (she was a die-hard shopkeeper)

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4 Comments to “Profile”

  1. Megan Says:

    Lucky, situ kok gak nyantumin nama kampus UKDW….., inget ama temen2 TI 91…., salah satunya gua. haha… Gua ketemu link ke webmu gara-gara mau nyari daftar SHIO tahun, eh malah nyasar ke sini. Ternyata………

    [Eh, nyantumin kok, di Resume. --Lucky]

    Tentang Mr. Lucky ex. Duta Wacana Christian University….,
    Lucky E Santoso ini tahun 1992 ( Cuek, encer, kaca mata tebel, kadang diam, kadang humor, dan ke kampus sandalan ). Tahun 2006 ini, gua mah belum pernah ketemu. Cuma kalo lihat fotonya di sini….ya mungkin sudah banyak kemajuan….., dikelilingin banyak wanita. Beda waktu tahun 1992, dikelilingin banyak pria (red: kgb-jomlo). hehe…

    [Gua TI 91 juga, lagi. --Lucky]

    Salam Hangat Dari cah KGB (TI UKDW 91)

  2. Herianto Says:

    Salam kenal…
    Eh,apa iya belom kenal … :-)
    Ayo… kmana aja menghilang dari yai

  3. bahar Says:

    salam kenal!

    websitenya bermanfaat. :)

  4. Rani Says:

    Halo Lucky!

    Salam kenal, very interesting website, comments, and profile :).
    Ternyata masih di my friendster’s extended network. Let me see if your prediction is right.

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