Pilgrimage from C to C++

dear [J],
[She was a Neurobiology/Physiology major who considered herself "spiritual" and who had taken a C course "just for fun"]

[wow.] people may take a basketweaving course just for fun. but a c language course?

i think moving from c to c++ is pretty much like converting from paganism to early christianity. first, you must let yourself be submerged and suffocated in input/output stream. this, hopefully, will release the unclean spirits with foreign-sounding names (such as scanf, macros and malloc) within your programming vocabulary, and cast them into void. the holy men will then convince you that you’re not only guilty of your own sin (of writing erroneous code), but also of the one you get by the means of single and multiple inheritance; and proper kind of grace, as the means of redemption, is available when needed via a sacramental system called the standard template library. if you’re really devoted, you should take a vow of chastity that your private members would remain hidden and inaccessible (all your members should be declared public, though, if you are a follower of a later, liberal denomination based in the state of washington).

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