Not A True Feminist

[I told K that I considered the title of the then popular book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", gender-biased. She replied by saying, "feminist, aren't we?"]

dear [K],

i’m not actually a feminist, at least not a true one. for instance, i have no objection on females taking parts in business or tech or science or even philosophy, but i’m still bothered by the [feminist] idea that complete authority to such valuable resource as female reproductive system is given to female individuals (of course i’m not implying that a state-owned company should “exploit the resource to the fullest benefit of the society” or something like that).

[Later, I told K that I think the public messages on our local tv, which encourage the society to lend a hand to women during pregnancy and childbirth (that the society should take some responsibility), are so non-feminist.]

it’s just that in my case it’s my mom who plays the “Rich Dad” part (not implying that she is filthy rich). in fact, a lot about me could be summed up into a few words she once said, which are more or less: “I couldn’t see [Lucky] as capable of being either a shopkeeper or a corrupt government official. I wonder if this kid has any future.” (she is a die-hard shopkeeper.)

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  1. Tuhu Says:

    Dalam tubuh feminis sendiri kan ada banyak aliran, yang mempertanyakan sistem reproduksi itu kalangan feminis radikal. Yahhhh setidaknya itulah yang masih keinget waktu kul di HI UNPAD hehehe. Sementara sekarang dah pidah jalur… hihihi

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