Web Publishing

Feb 15, 02 | General | No Comments

dear [K], computer science graduates do not normally make web pages. web designers, usually long-haired drop-outs of schools of arts, do. (well, it may help to offer this analogy: mechanical engineering graduates do not normally work as taxi drivers. though lack of appropriate jobs may force them to do that anyway). so you want to […]

Spiritual Adventurers

Jan 6, 02 | General | No Comments

dear [K], due to my spiritual inclination, i have among my collection of books various versions of the bible, the koran, bhagavad gita, kamasutra (considered a sacred text by the hindus), dao de jing, the teachings of buddha, dhammapada, avesta, the imitation of christ, and even the book of mormon (i haven’t read them thoroughly, […]

Not A True Feminist

Nov 27, 01 | General | 1 Comment

[I told K that I considered the title of the then popular book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", gender-biased. She replied by saying, "feminist, aren't we?"] dear [K], i’m not actually a feminist, at least not a true one. for instance, i have no objection on females taking parts in business or tech or science or […]