January, 2002

Rules of Thumb for Teaching

Jan 27, 02 | Teaching | No Comments

[Dear K,] [They offered her a teaching project] can’t help giving you some rules of thumb for teaching (not necessarily based on years of experience dealing with students). in terms of intelligence it may help to think of the students as sedated laboratory white rats. and umm. democracy may eventually enter north korea but it’s your […]

Spiritual Adventurers

Jan 6, 02 | General | No Comments

dear [K], due to my spiritual inclination, i have among my collection of books various versions of the bible, the koran, bhagavad gita, kamasutra (considered a sacred text by the hindus), dao de jing, the teachings of buddha, dhammapada, avesta, the imitation of christ, and even the book of mormon (i haven’t read them thoroughly, […]